Which is Better – Shattaf Bidet Sprayers or Toilet Paper?

Greg Noland, CEO & Chief Bottler Washer

I honestly don’t know a single person who doesn’t like to be clean, fresh and healthy. And I’m pretty sure you don’t either.

Why is it then that people still struggle on with toilet paper?

There is absolutely no way in the world that toilet paper gets you cleaner than a jet spray of water.

Using a jet spray bidet sprayer is far EASIER than the laborious process or reach, break off, fold, reach behind, wipe, and repeat, repeat, check, repeat, repeat…

Bidet sprayers are cheaper than toilet paper.

Bidet sprayers are kinder to the environment.

You don’t have to buy bidet sprayers every week, and lug them home.

So why is it that people still put up with this age-old, often painful process of wiping/smearing instead of getting properly clean?

Water Gets You Cleaner

You Deserve Better in Life!

What are some of the benefits of a bidet sprayer?

First and foremost, people upgrade to a bidet prayer for personal reasons. Hygiene and comfort are usually the first great benefits people realise.

Why would you NOT want to be PROPERLY  clean after the toilet?

It’s a no-brainer to me.

Yes, I know there are people ion the internet who turn the nose up at using water to clean after the toilet.

Don’t listen to these retards.

These same idiots who think bidet sprayers are ‘disgusting’ us a shower hose to clean their privates parts in a shower.

So what is the difference?

They also use water to brush their teeth.

And what do you think goes well with shampoo when they wash their hair?

“I can’t believe I waited so long to invest in a shattaf bidet sprayer for my family. This is the future of bathroom hygiene, no question.”

Make Every Bathroom Visit Pleasant

The Shattaf Bidet Sprayer

What are the eco benefits of the shattaf bidet sprayer?

Next comes the huge extra benefit of the cost savings to be had over toilet paper, and lastly probably comes the fact that the Shattaf bidet sprayer is very eco friendly.

There are so many more benefits with this new bathroom device, than purely environmental concerns, but of course for some people caring for the environment is first and foremost.

Toilet habits rarely make for the best conversation piece, but how we dispose of our waste is a huge environmental issue.

And one we all need to consider in relation to our own impact, especially as population growth continues to increase so rapidly in many parts of the world.

We can’t continue to believe and think disposing of our waste is someone else’s duty.

Most people flush and forget and have little care for what our sewage wastewater treatment works have to cope with.

Take London as a perfect example.

Huge population growth, ever aging sewers, and basically a ticking time bomb of hygiene problems.

We hear our water companies pleading with us not to flush wet-wipes down our sewers, but their cries for help often fall on deaf ears.

Toilet paper use is also a constant issue among environmentalists as there seems to be a great deal of resistance to toilet paper made of recycled material.

Some people use toilet paper products that are whole or in part made from recycled products.

But the fact is that the majority of people don’t use recycled material toilet paper.

Reports say more than 98 per cent of toilet paper in the U.S. comes from virgin forests.

Why not stop using toilet paper altogether?

Or at least the vast majority of it?

Enter a hygiene alternative:

Admittedly, I refrained from using the bidet sprayer even though it was present in my bathroom for months before I first tried it.

It wasn’t until a really bad case of tummy problems did I give it a try.

I’d had an unusually spicy meal, and within a short space of time I was on the can.

And then again. And again. And again.

I remember that session lasting to the inauspicious number of thirteen before I keeled over and passed out.

I had never tried to use this ‘strange mini-shower’ that was beside my toilet, mainly due to not knowing what it was really for.

But after my mammoth toilet session, and my under carriage in severe pain.

The owner of the house was bemused why I was using toilet paper every time, tearing my skin off in the process.

So the next toilet visit I decided to give it a try.

My friend had given me a few directions, “spread your cheeks on the seat, lean to the left, shoot from the back, aim and fire, gently at first”.

The “gently at first” part I seemed to have forgotten and got the shock of my life, as I fired a bullet train jet stream of water at my already tender area.

Water splashed everywhere.

But it’s not that difficult to realise I should have squeezed the trigger, “gently at first”.

Within a few tries I had the trigger squeezing down to a tee.

And the whole process was an absolute epiphany of cleanliness and comfort within no time.

Eureka!! Ka Ka..

From that week forward I knew I was never going to be using great wads of toilet paper ever again, not by choice anyway.

What is this hygiene device?

You’ve got me interested?

This device, designed by Japanese physicians, is a smaller version of a standard shower, consisting of a steel or plastic handle with a nozzle for shooting the water, and a hose feeding the water supply.

There is a trigger which we test rigorously.

The trigger creates the jet of water. A slight squeeze of the trigger and you receive a spurt of water.

Squeeze the trigger a little more, and you get a bit more water.

We are proud of our triggers because we know you’ll be impressed.

Especially if you’ve used one of the cheap plastic imitations you might have bought on eBay or Amazon.

No leaks with our triggers.

And no un-controlled massive bursts of water liable to have your body parts on the bathroom wall.

In fact our triggers are tested for over 100,000 depressions.

This is the equivalent of over 22.8 years use for the average family of four.

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