Shattaf Bidet Sprayer vs Toilet Paper – Part 2

Thank you for coming back for Part 2 of this blog post. Sorry I had to cut it short last time, but my neighbor needed my help to cut his grass.

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Ok, let’s get going with Part 2…


What is The Shattaf Bidet Sprayer?

I’ve heard The Shattaf called all sorts; bum jet, toilet hose, bum squirter, bidet sprayer, shattaf, muslim shower, ass gun, beday sprayer, baday gun, hand held shower, but most people seem to call it simply The Shattaf.

This device, designed by Japanese physicians, is simply a smaller version of a standard shower, consisting of a steel or plastic handle with a nozzle for shooting the water, and a hose feeding the water supply. There is a trigger for creating the jet of water, and usually an isolating valve at the wall to turn the Shattaf off after each use. Although, in lower pressure areas the isolating valve doesn’t need to be turned off after every use. (See note at the end of this article).


How do you dry yourself when using a bidet sprayer?

This is an often asked question. The answer is personal preference. Some people shake, some flick the water off, some people dry with a few pieces of toilet paper. While, others place a flannel next to the toilet for drying purposes, much like a miniature bath towel, just for ‘that’ area.


What are the Environmental Benefits of The Shattaf bidet sprayer?

When using toilet paper for drying purposes with the Shattaf, you probably use about 90% less toilet paper than when using only toilet paper.

So how many trees are wasted on toilet paper? The equivalent of almost 27,000 trees are flushed down our toilets every day, according to Claude Martin of WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature). Imagine the world benefits if everyone switched to The Shattaf.

Some toilet paper users (who have never used a bidet sprayer) saybut what about the extra water use”?

When you consider you need water to shower it is not really an argument. Also, around 37 gallons of water goes into making a single roll of toilet paper. Then when you take into account the huge number of trees cut down every year, the time, fuel, energy, chemicals and manpower needed to produce  toilet paper, The Shattaf is by far the greener option.

In fact, the bidet sprayer is a fantastic alternative. And remember a roll lasts most households about 3 days. Imagine how many squirts you can get for 37 gallons. No comparison!! The Shattaf bidet sprayer is a no brainer!


Is water really a better alternative to toilet paper?

Yes, I know an ultra-silly question, but one I am asked often. Why? I personally have no idea why someone of average intelligence would ask such a question. It kind of beggars belief, but I guess just ignorance of the whole process of what The Shattaf really is.

Yes, The Shattaf uses WATER, and all I can say is that it is a “Mini Shower”. Once people realise The Shattaf is just a mini shower, almost exactly the same as the regular shower they use to wash their whole body every morning, they start to understand the concept.

So if you don’t mind skid stains in your underpants, and the sandpaper type experience on your tender bits then feel free to continue using toilet paper, The Shattaf is probably not for you.

But if comfort, hygiene and keeping your partner IS important to you, then give The Shattaf bidet sprayer a try.  Your washing powder bill will decrease. Your overall shopping bill will decrease. You’ll feel cleaner, and much more energized.


Ultimately, people have to find out for themselves what they are passionate about. One thing that is certain is no one surely likes to waste money. No one likes to walk around in pain. Few people benefit from poor hygiene.

The Shattaf bidet sprayer saves your money, is great for the environment, it is more subtle on your body and improves your personal hygiene daily.

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Always Dedicated to Your Awesome Life,

Greg Noland

Shattaf Bidet Sprayers


P.S: We strongly advise the installation of an isolating valve with EVERY Shattaf. It is a small price to pay for the extra safety which the isolating valve provides. The warranty on our bidet sprayers is void if no isolating valve is used.