Day Two: Why Are We Talking About Poop?


Let’s talk crap.

Whoops, there I said it.

O.K i know it’s a bit of a taboo subject.

But you’ve got to admit there have been times when you must have wondered why…

We are all forced to wipe our private parts continually until we think we are clean.

And basically smear.

Instead of using water to wash our most delicate bits properly.

“Did you know there is at least 0.1 gram of faecal matter in the average pair of underwear of a toilet paper user?”

“Your quality of life is important”

If you think 0.1 grams doesn’t seem like much, do you realise that would equate to 100 million E. coli bacteria floating around in your washing machine?

If you’re washing five pairs of underpants, then make that 500 million E. coli bacteria floating around among your blouses, and handkerchiefs.

I feel that I was blessed to find Shattaf Bidet Sprayer so young. In fact I’ve been using Shattaf Bidet Sprayer for longer than toilet paper right now.

There must also have been times when the abrasive nature of toilet paper has given you unnecessary pain.

I know it hurts me every time I’m forced to use it, usually when I’m travelling of course.

So much so, that it actually breaks my skin, and results in bleeding. There’s just no need for this unnecessary pain and discomfort.

“In my book ’31 Misconceptions About Shattaf Bidet Sprayers’ and in this blog post series I provide some clear, honest, answers to some of the misconceptions and misunderstandings about shattaf bidet sprayers.”

Irresistible Offer

Only £150 inc delivery

These two points alone should have helped you start thinking of an alternative to toilet paper.

But if for a strange reason I haven’t won you over just yet how about the repetitive cost of toilet paper, and the hassle of having to remember to buy it every week?

This has surely been a hassle you’d rather do without, right?

I’m pretty sure you don’t like having to fork out for this product every week. It would be better to wipe this product off your weekly shopping list or at least reduce it to once every month or two, right?

Ok, that’s all for Day Two, you can continue to Day Three by Clicking HERE.

See you tomorrow…


Dedicated to improving hygiene,

Greg Noland

Founder, CEO & Author

Shattaf Bidet Sprayers Ltd

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