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Your children’s future and quality of life are far too important to listen to people who spread incorrect facts which could impair your judgement about important upgrades in your children’s health and well-being.

I’ve seen far too many comments on the internet by people who just have no idea what they are talking about.

These are the same imbeciles who think logging companies and toilet paper companies only use responsibly managed timber in the production of their toilet paper.

How pathetically naive some people are…

This is one of the main reasons I started this blog…

To provide you with the real facts…

Not mumbo jumbo rubbish spouted by some internet trolls, probably employed by the massive toilet paper consortiums to make sure you don’t discover a better way to clean properly after every toilet visit..


More Ideas to Save Water

Water is one of our most important resources, and also the most useful. So don’t you think it is a good idea to be a bit smarter about this valuable resource?

Worldwide, up to 60 percent of water is lost due to leaky pipes.

Conservation is the key to the world that we live in today.

So in this post I want to open your eyes to a few ways you can save water in your family.

Let’s jump right in…

“Let’s save water with some smart thinking”

Install Lever Taps:

Likewise with the running shower, most people waste water while the taps are running. If you have the twist type, it’s obviously harder to close the water off while you brush your teeth for example. But if you have lever taps installed, closing the water off is super simple. Make it easy for your kids by installing lever taps on every sink in the house, and imagine how much water you can save over a year.

Fix Leaks Fast.

Leaky Toilets:

Leaky toilets can cost you up to 200 gallons of water each day, the same amount it would take to wash 10 loads of clothes in an Energy Star-rated washing machine. A leaky toilet, for example, can waste up to 200 gallons of water a DAY. So please, fix these problems fast.

Fix Dripping Taps:

A dripping tap that drips one drop per second, would waste 27,000 gallons of water annually.

I’ve done some rough calculations on this.  If you’ve got only a slight drip, let’s say every ten seconds, it’s going to lose you about 36 milliliters an hour.  If you now multiply this for a full year, you can see you’ve wasted about 315 litres.

Now what if your tap is dripping every 5 seconds?

Now, what if you’ve got 3 or 4 leaking taps in your house?

You are wasting thousands of gallons a year. And wasting your money at the same time.

And if you admit it, you probably don’t think a leaking taps could waste this much water.

It doesn’t seem such a big deal, right?

But I hope I’ve opened your eyes to this wastage.

Check out this website to calculate how much water you’re wasting with dripping taps:

“A dripping tap that drips one drop per second, would waste 27,000 gallons of water annually”

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Keep It Clean:

Please don’t use your toilet as a trash can. Do Not Do This! Toss dead bugs, hair and tissues into the compost pile or trash. Extra junk in your wastewater means more energy spent to clean it at the sewage treatment plant. Throw out everything in a garbage can, even if it is tempting to just throw it in the toilet.

Install a Dual Flush Toilet:

Most modern toilet are dual flush now. But if you can’t afford to replace your toilet I’ve heard some people put a large house brick in the tank to reduce how much water fills into the tank.

Hot Water:

Only use hot water when absolutely necessary. Hot water uses a lot more energy, and it isn’t always necessary. So think about what is needed before turning that hot water knob!

Brushing Your Teeth / Washing Dishes WITH the Water Running:

DO NOT keep water running while brushing your teeth or washing the dishes.

When you brush your teeth, wet the toothbrush first and turn the water off immediately.

Only use the water to rinse. Same for dish washing. Scrub the dishes without the water on, and then turn the water on to rinse off the soap.

I hope you are using a Biodegradable Soap, like Seventh Generation. These soaps are made %100 naturally, and help the petroleum levels in the air.

Bath Time:

Baths waste an unnecessary amount of water. An average shower uses 1/5 the amount of water that is needed for a bath!

Teach your kids to take showers early on. It all really adds up over time.

Shaving for Men

Men, you do not need the water running when you shave. A better way is to fill the sink up with a little bit of water, less than halfway is fine. Use this water to rinse off your blade.

Shaving for Women

When you shave in the shower, you do not need your water running. You can easily use a small container to rinse off your blade. Always turn off the water while you shave your legs. My wife usually puts conditioner in her hair first, sometimes her face pack. Then fills up her container with water, and shaves with the water off. Once she’s done shaving, her hair is perfectly conditioned. Talk about smart multi-tasking.

That’s just a few ideas to get you thinking about ways to save water in your household.

Yes, shattaf bidet sprayers use water, but the required water for your bidet sprayers can easily be off-set by using some smart thinking about saving water all over your house.

If you didn’t see Day 10: How To Save 170,820 litres of Water – My Simple Experiment CLICK HERE

Dedicated to improving hygiene,

Greg Noland

Founder, CEO & Author

Shattaf Bidet Sprayers Ltd

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