Are Females The Biggest Beneficiaries of The Shattaf Bidet Sprayer?

Especially female teenagers…


Obviously due to the differences in physical make-ups between the sexes, some would argue that females are the biggest benefactors of the Shattaf bidet sprayer.

Earlier I mentioned how important it is to clean your genitals and your anal area after using the toilet. Well, I’m sure most guys would feel they don’t need to use toilet paper after urinating, but all females do. Then of course there is female menstruation when the Shattaf bidet sprayer is definitely the female’s best friend. Just ask my wife.

In these situations a bidet sprayer completely beats all competition. It truly is the practical solution and supports the dual-purpose hygiene mentioned above. When using a bidet sprayer in a public restroom you’ll most likely need to use a little toilet paper to dry, but when at home, most bidet sprayer users have a towel for this purpose.

“One of my greatest joys was when I bought the shattaf bidet sprayer for my family. My wife loves it too, but my 19 year old daughter might just be the biggest fan of this handheld shower sprayer in our house”.

A little known fact is that female teens are by far the biggest users of toilet paper.

Research says female teens can easily go through go through a roll of toilet paper about 6-8 times faster than a male teen.

I have had customers tell me that one female teen in their house can go through as much as 1 or 2 rolls per day at some times during the month.

With two female teens and mum in the house, then you could easily be going through a Costco bale of toilet paper a week.

Are American Females Ready for the Shattaf Bidet Sprayer?

As you might have guessed cleanliness is very important to American females?

They love feeling clean and probably shower more than most people from other cultures.

However, there IS one huge problem…

Toilet paper is still the most widely used material for most American females to clean front and back.


I feel so sorry for them.

It’s just plain wrong that they have not discovered bidet sprayer technology yet.

“The massive toilet paper corporations DON’T WANT America to discover the Shattaf Bidet Sprayer”

But that’s a changing…

Because I believe you DESERVE better!


Look, whichever way you look at it, toilet paper irritates your skin…

It is not really a sanitary way of cleaning yourself at all.

And using toilet paper leaves craggy residue in the anal area and this can cause various unhealthy conditions.

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