We all know our periods are not the most pleasant time of the month. But there are things you need to know to make the whole situation just that little bit more bearable.

Is it ok to flush your pads down the toilet?

Just like wet-wipes, nothing should be flushed down the toilet accept poop, pee and toilet paper.

NEVER flush wet-wipes. Pads, or Tampons down the loo.

If you do flush pads, wet-wipes and tampons down the toilet, you’ll be contributing to the massive problem of ‘fatbergs’ in our sewers costing the water companies over a million pounds a month to clear.

Should I wrap my sanitary products in toilet paper before throwing away?

Yes, you should wrap a used pad in the wrapper or with toilet paper.

Then throw it away. This will help reduce any smells and also prevent the spread of bacteria.

Should I wash my hands after changing a sanitary pad or tampon?

Yes, absolutely. You can prevent the spread of bacteria by washing your hands with soap and water after changing your pad or tampon.

If you’re using The Fresh Wand – pad dry with some toilet paper before replacing your menstrual product.

How often should you wash your genital area during periods?

Blood is a favourable environment for bacteria to grow. This is why doctors recommend rinsing the genital area at least twice a day while on your period.

It is totally fine to do this more often if you feel yucky.

Again, The Fresh Wand is a girl’s best friend when it’s period time. I honestly do not know how anyone can get through their periods by only using toilet paper.

No.1 disgusting!

What do gynaecologists recommend using for hygiene during periods?

Your vagina is an awesome self-cleaning machine. You should NOT disrupt its natural flora by using soap or cosmetic products for intimate hygiene. My doctors always recommended just lightly rinsing the outside without using soap.

Front to Back or Back to Front?

The correct direction for using your Fresh Wand bidet sprayer should always be front to back.

Remember that you first need to wash your labia, and only after that proceed to your anus.

This will reduce the likelihood of pathogens and faecal matter entering your vagina.

Should I wash my vagina on the inside?

Your reproductive system is very cleverly organized and doesn’t need extra cleaning from the inside.

Doctors strongly object to any hygiene products like douches which will wash away your healthy vaginal flora.

Should I use sanitary products that are more absorbent?

You should always choose sanitary products with an absorbency level appropriate for your menstrual flow.

I would advise changing your pads or tampons more often than choosing a product which is not suitable for you.

Experts advise changing every 4–8 hours (4 hours for pads and 4-8 hours for tampons).

But for me, it’s more like 2-4 hours, depending on where I am, or what I’m doing.

If you leave it longer than the recommended time, you could be setting up a breeding ground for bacteria and infections.

Can I have a bath on my periods?

Of course, you can. I love the feeling of a warm bath when I’m on my periods.

I always give my bath a thorough cleaning before taking my bath.

Because during menstruation your immune system is more susceptible to infection. 

Can I prevent the unpleasant odours during my period?

This is where The Fresh Wand bidet sprayer is your best friend.

I think we’ve all noticed the smell of some women during their periods. Of course, an unpleasant experience which is definitely fixable.

When you change your pad or tampon, I believe it is essential to rinse carefully with a bidet sprayer.

Giving a quick wipe with toilet paper will NEVER leave you feeling fresh and invigorated like when you use The Fresh Wand bidet sprayer.

Feminine hygiene deodorants can trigger vaginitis which could lead to itching, redness, and abnormal and heavy vaginal discharge.

Save your precious private bits with The Fresh Wand bidet sprayer.

Is it true wet wipes contain chemicals?

Wet wipes contain all sorts of preservatives also known as 2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol. Names like DMDM hydantoin and formaldehyde are just things I do NOT want anywhere near my most precious body parts.

Don’t expect the big brands to tell the whole truth. Remember, these are the brands that promised wet-wipes dissolve in the sewers. What a load of shit. Big fat liars.

Invest in The Fresh Wand bidet sprayer today and free yourself from nasty chemicals which you don’t need in your life.

What is the right pH level for intimate hygiene products?

The vagina’s pH is acidic due to beneficial lactobacilli. They protect the body against infections and other pathogens.

Many experts recommend washing the genital area with running warm water without any detergents.

But I’ve found The Fresh Wand bidet sprayer totally awesome for cleaning. The invigorating jet spray of water will leave you feeling ‘shower fresh’ clean after every toilet visit or pad change.

Hope these female hygiene tips will help improve your life.

Your little rose petals deserve to be ‘shower fresh’ clean all day long.

Invest in The Fresh Wand bidet sprayer today and radically improve the quality of your life.

Anyhow, I gotta cut the grass as we’re having friends round tomorrow…

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips.

And I sincerely hope you take this info onboard and take me up on my special off today.

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